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Here is what's happening in Autotec!

10/26/14 Trunk-or-Treat

This event was designed as a total give back to our local community.  What we do is to have people bring in their vehicles, any vehicles are fine, and park in every other space.  The idea is to decorate the vehicles in Halloween décor, pass out candy to the children, and most importantly if possible… to set up a small game for the kids to play.  By having small games such as bean bag throws, ring toss, things like that, we keep the kids having fun.

4/13/14 The 6th Annual Chaffey College Car Show

Car Show 2014

Our club raises a majority of its funding through this annual car show. Proceeds from the shows have been used to help some of our financially challenged students and many other charities. We have generated enough profit to create and distribute scholarships, book grants, and a “Fund-A-Dream” scholarship. In addition to our previous donations we were able to donate nearly an additional $2,500 to such causes as breast cancer research, juvenile diabetes research, our veteran’s resource center, a student in need of a liver transplant, a Night with Santa and many others

4/1/14 - 4/30/14 Help Chaffey College students go green #FORgood

Chaffey College, in keeping up with current technology, is
offering its first hybrid vehicle course. The platform of this class is based on the Gen 2 Toyota Prius. We are conducting this fundraiser with help of Toyota Financial Services to help
purchase a hybrid vehicle which is essential for the hands on portion of this course. It is imperative that our students are
subject to hands on training for the proper inspection, testing and repair of these vehicles; not to mention the learning of the safety factors involved.
Please visit to contribute to the
fundraiser and help spread the word to help us reach our goal. Contributors will receive a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the fundraiser. Each contribution is greatly appreciated, no amount is too small.

The Chaffey College Car Club thanks you for your support.


12/18/13 New ASE testing program

ASE Certified

We started offering ASE testing for the first time ever. This certification program is an industry standard to show the recipients are ready for employment. 205 certificates were earned in the first wave of testing.  5 students passed all 9 tests: Nicholas A., Joel E., David R., Michael V. and Christopher W.


11/6/13 Antron Brown Speaks at Chaffey College

ASE Certified ASE Certified

(Second image-Human Resource Generalists Denise Parker and Jill Wagoner with Antron Brown)

NHRA drag racer Antron Brown comes to motiviate chaffey college students.



9/30/13 SA Recycling Joins Us for Training

SA Recycling

SA recycling is an industry leader in recycling and processing of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Some of their employees came out to take a class, instructed by Sherm Taylor, to learn about refrigerant recovery and it's effects on the environment.


9/11/13 Club Rush

Club Rush 

Club Rush is where we promote our club and department on campus to gain new students and club members. We have a carnival wheel to spin for free and win prizes.

11/28/12 Snapon Student Certification

Club Rush 

We are now able to offer our students training and certification in a wide range of Snapon Tools. We are now part of a very select group of talented students, technicians and instructors raising the bar for skills training across the country.